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Key to the Abyss

by Montezuma's Revenge

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Eric Extremely heavy Sludge Metal. Very similar to early Mastodon material, yet still their own music. The moments of expanded instrumentation (i.e., trumpets, violins) are very interesting and very welcome. An incredibly enthralling and interesting listen. Favorite track: Dead Frost.
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MR have made a name for their brand in Russia by previously released singles and live shows including opening for Mastodon in Moscow. Now the band puts their pedal to the metal by releasing their debut full length "Key To The Abyss".

The album's eight-track story takes place between 2 apocalypses: the freezing cold in "Sleeping Beauty" meets the burning sheltering mayhem in "Dead Frost".

Black Ice Princess wakes from eternal slumber and brings cold death wherever she goes. Birds fall on earth, every drop of blood turns to stone, her name rings in the icy dead air and every meaning becomes her name.

The world freezes over, but a drop of fresh blood brings cold colossus to life, the Golem, who breaks free from his sub zero mausoleum and sets every inch of the earth on fire.

Between the two catastrophes, the two cold instruments in the merciless hands of mother nature, unfolds a story of a human microcosm. The story of the Key to the Abyss. The sacred knowledge of a sacrifice passed on from father to his daughter. It's the key to death and the future at the same.

The girl finds out about "The Key" from the cold depth of dead space, in which her father's body is buried and sacrifices her young heart to inhale her ancestor's wrath into the body of the cold Golem in his black mausoleum.

The same "Key" is found by the character of "Anti-Entity", which tells the story of a violent liberation of one's own spirit. Vicious craving of eternal absolute results in devouring of the person's own flesh. In cathartic enlightenment he takes a bite of his own meat and feels sanctified.


released June 18, 2013

All songs written and performed by Montezuma's Revenge.

Montezuma's Revenge are: Ilya Boots, Vladimir Yurchenko, Yura Kalyaamm

Recorded and mixed by Ruslan Maslennikov at Mindcrusher Studios in Electrostal

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York

Artwork, band photo & design by Andrey Davidovsky



all rights reserved


Montezuma's Revenge Moscow, Russia

The three piece sludge-factory from Moscow has been around the morose block. Their debut full length «Key to the Abyss» made waves in the local underground metal scene in 2013 as well as put the band on the map of international style aficionados. MR refined their live act through regular local performances including opening slots for Down, Crowbar, Mastodon, The Shrine and Red Fang among others. ... more

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Track Name: Chaos Reigns
A biomass begotten to rot
Swarming pigs misguided by the
2000 years old progressing migraine

A dead end of generations
Fresh meat bears old infections
Debilitating genetic gridlock
Obey and behold
The warmth of black hole
Submission is law

Nature is the Church of Satan
Cold ethics, no exceptions
Removing bodies B.C. and A.D.

Branded with death wish at birth
No one fails a chance to witness
The reign of chaos, eclipse of darkness.

A piece of hope
Is a shot of dope
Hail to food chain
Ave decay
Track Name: Key to the Abyss
Cathartic sacrifice
A manchild growing beyond size

I am the one
Who buried the old god
Future is my great death

Smashed to the ground
I am a wreck of a cosmonaut
Corpse of a dream
Nightmare come true living life of a scream
Orbit morphine
Dead space within
Stardust dope fiend

Fleshless inner empire
Transcending space and time

Enlightening spasm
Look up and see my shade
Consuming flame
The sun won’t rise again
The dying breath
I gave you the key
To the abyss
You will live through me
Track Name: Fast Food Bushido
Taking into account
The sad fact that my plans for life
Were crashed by conformity
I found fulfillment in servitude

Multiplatinum platitude
Embalmed corpse I serve to you
I praise your name at fast food chains

A 7-time ronin
Can become a good servant
I fell down 7 times
Now it’s the 8-th time I got up

In the borderline case what I chose to choose is death
Track Name: Sleeping Beauty
Born without a face she has teeth
Unable to talk she can bite
Deep into the flesh of the flowering youth
Hard into the bones of the rotting old

Coming like the dusk into land of sunshine
Sleeping beauty never felt warmth
Princess of the cold desolation
Angel with a heart of black snow

Rejoice, evil wizards!
Salute her solemn coming!

Eating is the way of complete acceptance
Every soul she takes finds new home
Absolution through full eradication
Every drop of blood will be turned to stone

Every word will have a new meaning
Every meaning becomes her name
Ringing in the air with the crystal silence
Of a lifeless seclusion

They will see
Black lakes, stone woods, white death
Track Name: Anti-Entity
I touch my skin and feel a sudden surge of hunger
My body’s trembling with the need to self-possess
My heart’s recess
Grown’ inside of me
I clearly feel my every instinct points me inward
I bite my veins and swim the ocean of caress
My heart’s recess
Sacred darkness
Uber-human consciousness
Eternal Absolute
Guiding my route
Track Name: Little Gods of Disruption
I am the man with the plan
I am the one to look up to
Cowardly stuck in the state
Of body and mind of the week

Destined to rule I obey
Meant to convert I submit to
Voices inside of the deep
Cavity of my mind

Now that I know they exist
The little gods of disruption
Captured inside of the cause
Of breaking the spine of my will

Making the strong ones defunct
Robbing the great of their greatness
They stole from me for far too long
It’s high time my prices went home.

Standing on the shoulders of giants
I can barely see my own feet
I can hardly make the right move
One on one with my own thoughts I’m
Running into walls of discord

Low salary, family issues
Cronic sloth, junkie neighbour
Trying to make a pig out of me
Exessive ideas, split personality
Distorted logic, erased memories
I know all their tricks oh so well!

I'll erase me to destroy them
Track Name: Godfather, I'm in Love
Little one, don’t be afraid
Where’s your mommy?
Come to me, I’ll show you things
Really funny

Tell me: «Godfather, I'm in love with you»
Don’t you know, it’s true

Don’t you know there is a game
They don’t play here?
Satan came from Philippines
In my belly

Do you wanna play with my puppies?
It’s much easier done when you’re on your knees

Angels of light and demons of the night
Let your fresh skin be my delight
Track Name: Dead Frost
I am the song of a stone
Fate of the frozen dirt beneath
A thousand dead rats’ squeak
Pressing their tales between the teeth

A vessel of cold flesh
Colossus locked in the dead sleep
Craving for human blood
A spark to light up the flame of the weak

There ain’t no answers
Blood is wise
There’s no more questions
Heart of the ice

Curse of the dead frost
Black mausoleum imprisons me
Light of the blue torch
Innocent blood can start a new spring

I call the sky to burn
Melting my sarcophagus
Golem will walk again
Black nimbus rising